Friday, February 8, 2013

Last year.....

Well It has been 1 year since I have posted on here.  :(  Sorry about that.....  I was a little bit busy making a baby!  The hubster got a new job {2.24}We celebrated his 28th Birthday on Saturday, {2.25}at Top Golf, where I beat all of his friends a put put. Then he turned 28 on Sunday, {2.26}and that is the day we found out we were having a BABY!

We called the baby, Baby G for a while..

    {Meet Baby G!}
{I loved being pregnant & I love leopard}
{Amy Jo Finley Photography~Look her up}
{Look at that little baby!!}
{On our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, {5.29.12}we found out that Baby G was a GIRL!}
 {Such a fun day!!!}

Then it happened.....

{Then I got kinda big!}

 Had a few baby showers....
{My friend & coworker, Malori}
{Shannon, Me & Robyn, My amazing friends/co-workers!}
{At my family and friends shower!!}
{Mom, Me, & The world's best MIL}

Then.. the best day of our lives happened....

{11.4.12}Addie was born!
{& Here are her sweet newborn pictures.  Again, AmyJoFinleyPhotography}
{A is for Addie}
{This is the teddy bear my dad gave me when I was born}
{We love big bows} 
{Dad loves little bows}