Monday, April 18, 2011

MawMaw's Canvas ♥

 This is the lovely lady MawMaw. MawMaw is Brandon's grandmother.  She is fun, loving, caring, happy, sweet & a good cook!  Last week was MawMaw's Birthday!   I made her a canvas that describes her...

Isn't she so cute?! Love her!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laundry Room Shelf MaKeOvEr!!!!! ♥

So... This is the Mr. {Pretty Cute, Huh?} ;) He is preparing to hang up the curtain rod so we can  hang the curtains I made for our.........Laundry Room Shelf Makeover!!!! 

So, this is the "before" pic.... {random drill, dog food, cleaning supplies & laundry detergent}

And the "after" pic, after 5 hours of sewing..... (yes, they are 9 ft. long!!! ) So it took 5 entire hours!  and... I might be a perfectionist, so I took my time..... Anyways, this is the finished product, and we are very proud!  I have to give the Mr. most of the credit for going to Hobby Lobby with me and picking out the fabric and for the whole idea to begin with... I think he's been watching to much HGTV...... just sayin' 
Thanks for coming by today & checking out my latest.....
Have a fantastic day!