Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♥ National Craft Month

Yes, March is National Craft Month! {I know, pretty exciting right?!} You've got 2 days left..... DO SOMETHING CREATIVE, then post a comment on here about it!  :-)

Tie Onesie for Baby Vince! ♥

One of my Best Friends, Bonnie is about to have a sweet baby boy named Vince, in July!  This is a cute little tie onesie I made for him!  Thanks to crapivemade  for giving me the pattern to create &  gift this little onesie to my friend!  If you want to make a onesie like this, here's the link: Tie Onesie

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Love, EmmieG

Monday, March 28, 2011

Canvas Art

2 YEARS AGO........... 
I bought a package of canvases.  My husband was threatening to throw them out, if I didn't do something with them! So.... I was at Faithful Scrapper and Amy mentioned she was going to do something fun with a canvas, so I brought my canvas up the next day at lunch! I started by painting the entire canvas a dark brown, then I stenciled on a cute design with gold metallic paint.  We used her Cricut to cut out the letters of my last name and est. 2010-our anniversary year.  So I Modge Podged the letters on!  I wanted to add a little more detail, so I hot glued lace onto the bottom of my canvas! The last thing I did was use these flowers that Jennifer Sloane at Live.Teach.Create cut out with her cricut.  She used pages from an old book! We sprayed the flowers down with *Glimmer Mist* then let them dry.  After the flowers dried, I crumbled them up, and then un-crumbled and layered 3 on top of each other, gluing one on top of the next..... then embellished the center with a button and glued them in place!  It was such a fun project, that I could not wait to start the next one............(see below)!!!!!

*here's an up close pic of the flowers! Aren't they adorable!

This is the next canvas I made.......... the next day!
I think I'm addicted.......
This is our little cousin Brianna! She just turned 9 and this was her birthday present! 
I think she loved it......

 *up close pic of the flowers! These were made of scrapbook paper! Oh, I love them!
Thanks for checking out my canvas art! 


Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh....

My friend from high school ordered this sweet little onesie, bib and burp cloths for a 9mo boy named Nathan! He loves sports & monkeys! 

Love, EmmieG

Lovie ♥ Lovie♥ Lovie

One of my friends from high school just had a precious baby girl named ~ Harper! This is the Lovie that I made for her!  Babies love to snuggle with their lovies and they love to play with the tags! :) Babies Love their Lovies!!!! 

Spring is here!

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to add some color to your home or office!!!! 
Check out this flower arrangement I made for a co-worker :)  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So... you know those annoying people who wake up way to peppy in the morning? Well... That's me! Especially if there is something exciting happening on that day!  Like, last Saturday morning.... The 27th birthday of my dear husband, Brandon....  I woke up at 7AM so that I could hang the birthday banner I made for him for his birthday! I wanted him to be so surprised!  

Turns out he was not as surprised as I thought he would be. he "accidentally" saw it the night before and he heard me hanging it that morning because I used nails & a hammer to hang the oh-so amazing banner! Oh well, He still enjoyed it and it's still hanging through our house! I love it!!!!!! The best thing about my banner is that I can re-use it over and over again! I can change the name at the end for someone elses birthday!  And guess who helped me make this banner? I'll give you one guess.... 


Have a wonderful day everyone!