Friday, February 8, 2013

Last year.....

Well It has been 1 year since I have posted on here.  :(  Sorry about that.....  I was a little bit busy making a baby!  The hubster got a new job {2.24}We celebrated his 28th Birthday on Saturday, {2.25}at Top Golf, where I beat all of his friends a put put. Then he turned 28 on Sunday, {2.26}and that is the day we found out we were having a BABY!

We called the baby, Baby G for a while..

    {Meet Baby G!}
{I loved being pregnant & I love leopard}
{Amy Jo Finley Photography~Look her up}
{Look at that little baby!!}
{On our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, {5.29.12}we found out that Baby G was a GIRL!}
 {Such a fun day!!!}

Then it happened.....

{Then I got kinda big!}

 Had a few baby showers....
{My friend & coworker, Malori}
{Shannon, Me & Robyn, My amazing friends/co-workers!}
{At my family and friends shower!!}
{Mom, Me, & The world's best MIL}

Then.. the best day of our lives happened....

{11.4.12}Addie was born!
{& Here are her sweet newborn pictures.  Again, AmyJoFinleyPhotography}
{A is for Addie}
{This is the teddy bear my dad gave me when I was born}
{We love big bows} 
{Dad loves little bows}

Friday, February 17, 2012

Surprise Someone Today!!!!

Do you want to surprise one of your co-workers on his/her birthday?
When they are away from their desk, steal their coffee cup.
Using a mustache stencil, paint a mustache onto the bottom of it, with acrylic paint.
-you can get a mustache stencil from a scrapbook store, or make your own with your silhouette sd machine or a cricut.

Take pictures with the cup, then replace the cup on his/her desk.  
Then take pictures of them with the cup, later.

Shannon, modeling with  the cup!
Me, modeling with the cup!
Daniel, the proud owner of this mustache-stenciled coffee cup!

I mustache you a favor... PLEASE HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

Brisket Tacos

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to cook Brisket Tacos, because my husband LOVES them!
Here is the recipe I made up:
1 Roast
1 Can of Beef Broth
1 Can of HOT Rotel
1 Onion-sliced
Salt and Meat Tenderizer
Seasoning-McCormick Spanish Chicken Skillet (see picture)

All you do is season your roast with the seasonings mentioned above, and anything else you might want to use.  Put your roast in the crock pot and then add the onion, beef broth and rotel.  Cook on low for 8 hours, and then trim fat and serve in corn tortillas, with cheese, avacado, pico de gallo, chips and salsa! Enjoy! 
I'm not a great cook, but my husband LOVED these tacos and said he was impressed! Yay!
:) Post a comment on here if you try my recipe! 
Emmie G

Vintage Window Makeover

Do you have an old window that you want to fix up and turn into a bulletin board?
Here's how!
You will need: chicken wire, fabric, wood, stable gun, hammer, nails & a vintage window~of course!
#1 measure your window and go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a piece of thin wood that is the same size or about 1/2 inch smaller on all 4 sides.
Cover your wood with fabric.
#2 roll out your chicken wire, and you might want to use a brick to hold it down, otherwise it will roll back up (similar to the way wrapping paper does) 
Place your wire on the back side of your window and get it situated the way you want it.
Staple it in place! Use a lot of staples.
#3 Place your board that is covered in fabric on the back, make sure it is in the correct place, where you want it, and nail it in place! And you are DONE!
So easy, so fun and sooooo CUTE!
Have a blessed day! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happily Ever After

I offered to make a few handmade items for my cousin-Kami's wedding

 {A Nelson Est. 2011 canvas (which was more of a wedding gift) a Nelson Banner, Mr. & Mrs. photo frames, a K heart D decoration -created out of an old window, canvas, paper and lace (&hot glue!!!!!) }

These are a few pictures taken by Janie Trask Photography!  

The wedding was gorgeous as well as the amazing decorations that Alicia Iverson handmade!!! She is so talented!!! I've posted a few pics below (also taken by Janie Trask Photography) of her work..... she's a total rockstar.......

I hope this has inspired you to get creative!!! Lots of love & warm wishes to Kami & Daryl (the newlyweds)!!!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

MawMaw's Canvas ♥

 This is the lovely lady MawMaw. MawMaw is Brandon's grandmother.  She is fun, loving, caring, happy, sweet & a good cook!  Last week was MawMaw's Birthday!   I made her a canvas that describes her...

Isn't she so cute?! Love her!